Help needed FOSS game engine documentation review


I am writing the documentation of an open software hosted here on GitHub and I need someone that could take a look and read it, and tell me what’s missing. You don’t have to be technical and you don’t have to know the subject at all since I am looking also for feedback on how it reads for someone just starting out.

This documentation is available for reading here

Here are my initial reactions.

Use Grammarly and/or Hemingway [] to assess the readability. American or British English? (e.g. ‘colour’/‘color’;‘centre’/‘center’)

Each section should have a navigation link back to the “main” page, aka the table of contents. E.g. for “Introduction”, there is currently only a link to the Index and to Introduction (which is where the user currently is!). There should be a link
to the table of contents rather than to the Introduction.

Ideally, the index link should always be at the bottom of the links.

In the table of contents page, consider a single sentence description of what AGS is. I suggest between the title and the “Getting Started” section.

Should also mention that AGS only supports Windows.

System requirements should be part of an “installation” section. How is the product installed? What sort of setup trouble-shooting suggestions can you provide?

How does the user package a game for distribution? Are all runtime requirements available on supported platforms; if not, where can they be acquired?

Getting Started

“add some script to process” -> “add scripts to process”

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ mentions the forums - would it be possible to provide a link? What other support options are available?


Thank you! Sorry for taking so long to reply, I did not saw this answer. I will create issues to address these questions.