Help me to remove sensitive information

I have raised a support ticket few weeks back to remove some sensitive information but no response from the github support team, I am passing a difficult time and need these informaiton to be removed as soon as possible. Can someone please help me to remove these? Or at least give some information on how to follow up with github support team? I followed all the procedure mentioned by github to raise a request to remove sensitive information, but yet to receive any response in three weeks. Very frustrating,please help.

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

I’ve had a look and can confirm your request is in the queue. Requests to remove information from accounts you don’t have access to have to be reviewed carefully and processed manually, which unfortunately can take some time.

If you feel like the information there poses a substantial security risk that may not have been obvious from your original request, please feel free to update your ticket.

This ticket raised by shapanmail was due to the accidental exposure of information in a public repo which was picked up by a security assessment.
We would like it addressed as soon as possible and it has already been months.
Is there a way we can escalate this so it receives urgent attention?

Note that we obviously don’t want to identify the ticket or details of the issue in this forum…