Help me please with " Association Rule (Apriori algorithm) " in Python

Hi everyone
Can anyone help me?
Why is this wrong? (Empty DataFrame)

The code :

import pandas as pd
from mlxtend.preprocessing import TransactionEncoder
from mlxtend.frequent_patterns import apriori
dataset = pd.read_csv('Amazon119.csv')
te = TransactionEncoder()
te_ary =
df = pd.DataFrame(te_ary, columns=te.columns_)
frequent_itemsets = apriori(df, min_support=0.6, use_colnames=True)

The output:

Empty DataFrame
Columns: [support, itemsets]
Index: []

Can anyone help me, please?

Hello - Not sure if you were able to resolve it. If you did, can you confirm if it was by changing min_support value? If not, could you please update the resolution steps.

Thank you,