Help me. I´m a Noob

So i am hosting a DayZ Server on a rented rootserver. We are using GitHub for our config files.
So we branch, edit, merge onto the main branch
(and now begins the part the question is about)

then i connect to the server via Remote Desktop, pull the main branch via GitHub Desktop, enter the Explorer, copy the files and restart the server from my own pc using our server manager

i would really like to skip the above and only merge our changes to the main branch, the server automatically pulls and copys the files into the right directory and i just have to restart.
This should be doable with batch, but i dont know how…

I already used the search function, googled but i could only find webserver stuff. So maybe there is someone willing to help a noob in dispair :smile:

I’m not very sure whether this is the one you are referring to,