Help me canva activate student membership pro

I have authorised and linked my canva with github student account but im unable to get as that canva account was joind a team which i forgot and dont know who is the owner amd the administrator.
So im unable to activate my account.
Then i tried to linked another canva account but showing already linked to (edited by moderator) canva account.
So i deleted this account…
Please help me getting my canva pro student membership activated by github…
Please help…
The administrator email id is (edited by moderator)

Hey, I’m having the same problem :-:… Have you already found a way to solve it?

Yes I found the solution

So, could you please tell me what was it?!! I just can’t find the answer anywhere else!!! :'o

Dm me on insta samarthmathur16_

Alright, I sent a request on Instagram… but I’ve reached Canva support, and they quickly answered, it seems they’re gonna transfer the benefit through the accounts.