Help importing images


I joined Github under advice from a wiki that will host my site, but I’m no developer and have little idea about all of this.

The reason I joined is because the wiki I administrate is being deleted by Fandom, and I am moving it to a new host, Mihareze.

I have been able to get the xml dump of the original wiki that is being moved, but I have no way of copying the images.

I was told this was the place to go to get an images dump, and while I have tried myself following instructions, I unfortunately understood very little and have no clue on what to do.

I would like to ask for assistance to save the images from my original wiki and getting a file from which I can import them to the new server.

The work is kind of urgent since the original wiki only has a couple of weeks left of life.

If anybody could help me I will be forever grateful.

The wiki from where I need to save the images is:

Thank you very much

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If you’d like to get your hands dirty, just write a simple Python script which parses the XML, finds images, then downloads them in a folder. See this ( section of the documentation on how to parse XML.

We’d love to help you out on small bits of your script, or give advice when you’re stuck. However, if you really want a pre-made and done solution your best bet would be to hire a developer or ask a friend who is handy with computers.

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Xml.dom.minidom return a Document from the given input. filename_or_file may be either a file name, or a file-like object. parser, if given, must be a SAX2 parser object.

from xml.dom import minidom
xmldoc = minidom.parse(filename)
itemlist = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName('image')
for i in itemlist: