Help! I don't know why I'm here: PTZ/Pelco/OBS Support

Hey team,
I’m sorry if I’m breaking protocol. I asked a few questions on an OBS forum and I was recommended to post a query here… but I don’t even fully understand what this community is for!

Long story short, I’m trying to control the camera over a network. I got the camera from Ali Express. It’s a ANPVIZ 5.0MP 5xIP PTZ Dome POE Camera. It seems to operate on a ‘pelco’ platform.

Can someone please direct me as to the best way to follow up on this query?

Thanks for your patience

This forum is in general for GitHub and related questions including git and software development.

For your problem this isn’t the right place.
You could search for camera / hardware / OS specific forums to get appropriate help.

There are also specific discord servers as an alternative to a forum.

If I search for your problem, I found this forum The DV Info Net Forum


Thanks for the response, just to be thorough, the exact recommendation to me was this:

Please file a feature request for PELCO support as an issue on the GitHub page.

Does this clarify anything?

Ah, that means a very different thing. In that case you should find the repository page for the relevant software (on and create an issue there.

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