Help, how do I use LFS with UE4

How do I use LFS with UE4. I have looked at so many forums and help on many websites and I still have no idea and when I thought it was working it was not.

I am using UE4 and I’m trying to store my large 3D assets in LFS because git desktop wont let me. Because I’m using UE4 the only file type there is is a “.uasset” so I want to use LFS on only a specific folder.

I think LFS is initialized in my project because it says
“Updated git hooks.”
“Git LFS initialized.”
When I type “git lfs install” into git bash

I have no idea how to track a whole file that is in the UE4 project.
I have no idea how to commit all LFS objects.
I have no idea how to download any LFS saved things incase something happens to my UE4 project.

I know how to use Git desktop and commit my changes of my UE4 project and then download my project on the git hub website.

Could someone please help me set LFS up properly on my pre existing Git Repository and tell me how to use it.

I thought I fixed it but I didn’t. Its says that the files are staged for LFS commit but it still tells me the files over 100mb.

I have found the solution. LFS has to be added at the beginning and wont work if you add it half way through.