Help - GitHub Student Developer Pack Approval Pending Over a Month


Can anyone help regarding the student developer pack. I had applied on April 3 and received an automated email saying that I will receive an email from them by April 30.

But I received the same automated email again from from them saying that I will receive an email from them by May 31.

I tried to generate a ticket but I got just an automated email saying they do not have any timeline to share for how long the verification will take.

I did applied using my university id card since my university does not provide an email address. But It is over a month.

Can anyone tell me how can I get my application approved ? Or How to contact staff from GitHub regarding this ?

Hey @enthr,Same thing happened to me too.
I had applied last March 28 (second try) and was asked to wait until April 21 but on April 26 they send me another mail asking me to wait till May 31.
They’re really slow and support is messed up.
I tried contacting them too but i didn’t get any response.
I’ve been trying this for over 2 months.
All you can do is wait.
At least thats all i have done till now