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Hi I am new here. I am currently applying to a class for learning computer code. I literally know nothing about code but halfway through the application this is the message that I got

Explain a complex topic from your area of expertise in 500 words or fewer. This writing should be original to this application. Citations are welcome, but not necessary.
Post the text as a private gist on with the language set to Markdown. Make sure the extension of the file is set to .md
Please ensure the document contains no formatting other than Markdown. Take care when copy/pasting from other text editors.
Insert the link to your document in the text field above.

and now I am here trying to figure out how to fulfill the request. I have tried reading how to and watching tutorial videos but I am still puzzled can someone help me please?

What exactly is it that you’re puzzled about? If you go to while logged in you should automatically get the form to create a new gist. Is anything there unclear? Or are you puzzled by Markdown?

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thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Not sure where to start, do I need to know how to code already in order to fulfill the request or is this just something that i can just type into and then send them a link? Thanks for your help.

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No coding necessary at this stage. Would be very weird of them to require that for an introductory class. :wink:

So, let me break down that task for you:

Basically: Write an essay about a topic you’re familiar with.

What they’re really asking here: Can you read a form and follow instructions? :sweat_smile:

One thing about gists that may not be immediately obvious: You can edit them, and they keep a record of such changes.

Markdown may need a bit of explanation. It’s basically just text with a few extra characters for formatting, like enclosing words in asterisks (*) to make them italic. There’s a good introduction and reference here:


YOU…ARE…AWESOME! Thank you so much!

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