HELP for a total newbie to get a .exe

Hello everyone.
I’m new here. I wanted to download a cool project about stylometry and finding the authors of anonymous texts, but there is no .exe version and I have no idea about how i can make one.
I downloaded Git but couldn’t make heads or tails about what command to use. Then i downloaded visual studio community, I imported the project, and I’m now lost about how to use it.

The project is here : GitHub - evllabs/JGAAP: The Java Graphical Authorship Attribution Program

I would really appreciate an explaination or a .exe cauz I spent my afternoon on it and I’m about to give up.

Thanks for your patience and understanding since I don’t know code

From looking at the repository that appears to be a Java program, so there is no .exe. However, the releases page seems to have have JAR files ready to use.

So the easiest way would probably be to

  1. download the latest JAR,
  2. install Java,
  3. run the JAR file using Java.
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Thank you so much! I feel a bit dumb :sweat_smile:

It was really nice to take a look to give me a hand :wink:


No need to feel that way, @Nietopp!

Please know that we’re all learning something new every day :smiley: and thank goodness for awesome people like @airtower-luna who’s willing to give us a hand when we need it. I’m sure you’ll be on the helping end in no time. Welcome to the GitHub Community!

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