Help develop Indus Script App for Android & Iphones

I request your help in developing an App for Android and IPhones, comparable to & surpassing the one developed by Google for Egyptian hieroglyphs. Google Culture has launched a new App. in July 2020. It Google app based on Egyptian hieroglyphs is called Fabricius (in honour of an Epigraphist who made the Tamil-English dictionary).

My request is that a mobile phone app be developed & launched for Indus Script hieroglyphs which is ancient Vedic yoga heritage and dated to 6th millennium BCE. This App can be called Pāṇini-Carraka AI since Pāṇini and Carraka lived in Taxila and started the world’s first university for researches on language and herbs.

Hey @kalyan97-s, did you what you were looking for?

Chat soon!

Yes. Thank you. Was very nice