Help: change Github pages default domain to an Apex domain (registered with WordPress)

Hi, I want to change my Github pages default domain to an Apex domain, which was registered with WordPress.
I would like to keep WP as my DNS provider. In order to point away from WP, WP requires two Name Servers.

Here is an example of WP Name Server:
Does Github have such format Name Servers?

I tried the IP address, provided by Github, as Name Server, but it doesn’t work. (Please refer to the attached image.)

Many thanks.

Have you figured it out? I got to do the same just now. Which format to use for that?

It has been a while and the I can’t recall exactly what I did. But the following article from WP helped me:

Hope it help!

I had the same issue with a website on wordpress. That`s our recent project,
I have a few freelancers that did everything for me, so if you have anything else to ask - I can give you their contacts.

Btw, when I read this article for the first time, I did not understand anything.
I believe it`s more like for pro.