I am getting up to speed on working with pull requests, and we are stumbling over the workflow when I have reviewed requesting changes, and the changes have been committ3ed. The final status of the pull request still shows “Changes requested.” Similarly, when I look at the PR in my “Pull request” tabs, it shows “Changes requested” even after a commit has been pushed. Thus there is no easy way for me to see which pull requests are still on my “todo list”. Is there a best practice for marking when pull requests are ready for review? Is there a good way for me to look only at pull requests where the changes I’ve requested have been addressed?

The teams I work on tend to use at-mentions to “put the ball back in their court”. So the workflow goes like this:

  1. I submit a PR and request @sfogarty’s review on it
  2. @sfogarty reviews the PR and requests changes (I receive a notification telling me this)
  3. I push the suggested fixes
  4. I post a message on the PR " @sfogarty this is ready for final review" for which they would receive a notification
  5. @sfogarty comes back and gives an approval
  6. I merge the PR

This way, so long as we follow our notifications, we can work asynchronously knowing that we’ll get notified when it’s our turn to do something. There are other workflows, but that’s the one that is used on the teams I work with.

I hope that helps!

That would work if I checked my notifications :slight_smile: I tend to go through the project and look at the pull requests, rather than try to process my notifications.

I suspect this falls under “feature request,” though.

Quite possibly. The best way to give that feedback is via the contact form at https://github.com/contact or I can try to summarize the conversation here and post it to our internal feedback lists. I suspect you may have more specifics around what exactly you’re looking for though?

I can send it in: I should probably take some screenshots and highlight exactly what I am finding un-intuitive.

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