Hello, this is C# ML.net object. I have a coding question for ML.net object search

Iโ€™m studying at the top.

public class ImageNetData
    public string ImagePath;

    public string Label;

    public static IEnumerable<ImageNetData> ReadFromFile(string imageFolder)
        return Directory
            .Where(filePath => Path.GetExtension(filePath) != ".md")
            .Select(filePath => new ImageNetData { ImagePath = filePath, Label = Path.GetFileName(filePath) });
IEnumerable<ImageNetData> images = ImageNetData.ReadFromFile(imagesFolder);
IDataView imageDataView = mlContext.Data.LoadFromEnumerable(images);
var modelScorer = new OnnxModelScorer(imagesFolder, modelFilePath, mlContext);

// Use model to score data
IEnumerable<float[]> probabilities = modelScorer.Score(imageDataView);

I think the syntax code here is a way to get it into a folder and save the image file inside, but I want to send the image of the picturebox to get the result value.

But this is a way to take all the pictures in the folder and save them as outfordโ€ฆ

How can I send the image of the picturebox to produce the results?

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