Hello I would like to ask you guys a question

Hello I would like to ask you  guys a question: Can I temporarily make all the issues I send here to my this repository is only visible to myself??? The temporary blockade, as it was on Twitter, is visible only to myself??? If I change the issues here to a visible state, then some of the issues I send here will not be lost??? Can I restore my repository to everyone at any time???

yes,what I mean is that change my repository to private,and if I do so,Does some issues on my repository disappear???Any issues on my repository
will it disappear?I want to know the answer to this question.
And change my repository to private is mean only I can see my repository,others
can’t see issues on my repository,right?

Just because when I click the button(change my repository to private) ,
It prompts me to say all pages on my repository may be disappear!!!
I don’t want any issues on my repository disappear when I really change my repository to private!!!

Making a repository private does not affect the contents of that repository, its issues, or pull requests other than making them viewable only to you or other people explicitly granted permission. The pages that the message is referring to is GitHub Pages.

I hope that helps!