Hello, I want to learn English !!

I’m japanese and a new coder (using PHP and FuelPHP at company).

I think Information Technology world is English world.

I need English skills to improve myself.

(please laughing at me If my english is wrong :smiley:  )

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You can begin by using services like Babel and Duolinguo (probably spelt wrong).

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It’s nice to see people that want to learn a new language. As far as I know, the best way to learn a new language is to immerse themselves in the language. The deeper the immersion, the better the results. A lot of polyglots recomend this way. If your job doesn’t let you do this, then the second best way is to just read books or watch shows in english.


Learning programming language is very similar to learning English in many ways :wink:

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Spelled Duolingo.


Try LingoLoop if you want to learn from an expert tutor through videochat https://www.lingoloop.com 

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Thank nathfreder!!

The Babel is a javascript compiler ? 

anyways, Thank you for letting me know about Duolingo, there are  the service at japan too. I’ll try it!

thank StevenCopeland for letting me know about correct spelling. :heart:

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thank MisterMan10175 for letting me know about polyglots !!

I agree with your opinion.

I think too, The best way that learning something is immerse themselves in. 

So, I come here!! and I am surprised that I comunicate with english now !!

anyways , thank you!!

I think so too!

programming language is a language!! 

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Any time! :smileyvery-happy:

thanks for letting me know it!!

but this service needs courage…

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I’m Chinaese, the same as you, I am a new coder, and bad english. I want to learn English too

There is Babbel for learning a new language and Babel for compiling JavaScript :smiley:

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