Hello i need help in doing the read to text file in python

Essentially i am buliding a card game but i dont know how to read to text file.As well that i need to assign the names with random values .If you could point me to an external website to learn i would be very greatful.

Hi @neothe-one,

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I can try to solve your problem with some example.

Read text files with Python3.x

with open("<name_of_file>.<extension>", "r") as file_name:
                lines = file_name.readlines()
               # now lines represents a list of all lines inside file_name
               # you can parse this lines with something like this
               for line in lines:
                     # do something

Assign to variable random values

import random

value_int = random.randint(0,100)

name_list = ["name1","name2","name3"]
value_name = name_list[random.randint(0,len(name_list)-1)]


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