Hello I need help for my exams I have to program a python code which use the dijkstra code with the shorest path but the problem is that I have no ideas what to do because I must to open an excel and use excel matrices

If you can help me please write to me in private :sob:,
Maybe Can I contact you on discord

Hey @mimiyoshi and welcome! I’m afraid you might not be able to receive one-on-one support here, but you’re more than welcome to post any programming-related questions to the board!

As I understand it you’ve got some data (presumably a routing table?) in Excel and would like to do something with that data using an algorithm you wrote in Python?

For us to help you in the best possible way, why don’t get started with showing what code you’ve currently got in Python. Try to name any specific issues you’re running into.

As for the issue of having the data just in Excel, I can advise you to see if you maybe can export the data to the CSV format. You’ll then get a .csv file from Excel which you can load into Python.


Hello, thank you so much for the answer ! Oh okay I understand no problem ! About the code,maybe I’ll be back soon for some questions relatives to my specific python code because at the moments I can ask some question beacause I don’t know How to start this but thank for all !! I m looking with What you say to me with .csv !!

Python has a built-in module for handling CSV files: csv — CSV File Reading and Writing — Python 3.10.0 documentation