Hello, I am new to Github! Looking for insight

Hello Everyone! I set up a website once before through WordPress and ended up being hacked and basically robbed so I joined GitHub to learn how to do it on my own which I am intermediate with integrations but an struggling with source code. If someone has a second to check my profile and let me know I set up the integrations and policies correctly, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Are you referring to GitHub Pages? If you are looking for a dynamic site, well, you can’t do that with GitHub Pages purely, but if you just want to have a static site, you can use GitHub as the active development site and then turn your pages into a site (you can even change the domain instead of github.io).

you must create a new repo following this naming pattern: [yourusername].github.io

then, it’s your choice whether you’ll make it complicated through Jekyll or simply you want to see the result right away by putting something on the default README.md file, that will be turned as a site, then go to the same domain to see your site, [yourusername].github.io and later on, you can simply have a full version of your index.html, that will be the default page,

read more about GitHub Pages,

Thanks so much! I’m new to GitHub and appreciate any help I get!

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