Hello, GitHub team,

I just created an account here (GitHub) with an username GitCat-cpu. I would need help with making my account secure, in the first place. I downloaded Authy -App to my PC (Win10) and to my iPhone, but I failed (at least I guess I did) to confirm my security. I have never used Authy App before. Is it safe? And how can I be sure, my pages are secure. Sorry, I am a bit shy and not so clever with apps like this. Could someone check, I have done everything correctly? Nice to meet you : )

In theory the 2FA documentation is here:

If you visit:

You will hopefully see:

2FA is important, but so are lots of other things.

Using unique long randomly generated passwords for distinct accounts.

Writing secure code.


Hello, Jsoref,

Thank you very much for your advice (and that link, which I tried to understand and read yesterday). I think I eventually managed to ensure my account somehow : ) I managed to login to GitHub today! But there is lot of things more, I have to learn, to have a secure account in GitHub. I am taking everything slowly and carefully. Have a nice weekend, GitCat

Hello once more,

I tried to find a security -solution for my GitHub -pages, but I always get this automatic answer from there, where they direct me to these pages:“If you decide to enable two-factor authentication, ensure you retain access to one or more account recovery methods. See https://docs.github.com/articles/configuring-two-factor-authentication-recovery-methods” And there are four different choices: 1Password, LastPass and Keeper. I have never used any Password -program. And I already downloaded (yesterday) Authy. But creating an account is coming this kind of Error message: “Error! Could not sync your accounts. Please check your internet connection and try again later.” I dunno, what did I do wrong. Sorry to be so hopeless student. With best regards, Anaelle A.

Could you explain with more context and details what you are trying to do, and what is giving you trouble? Security covers a lot of very different things, so advice will be different depending on what exactly you need.