Hello, GitHub Actions - Step 5 - Triggering the workflow

Hi.  This was going fine until step 5.  Now I see:

My account is enabled:

So, I’m confused about why this isn’t being triggered.  Have I missed something?

This is the PR: https://github.com/CraigTreptow/hello-github-actions/pull/2

@craigtreptow I don’t think you’re missing anything, the course should have responsed after your workflow ran, and I can see from the merge box in your pull request that it did indeed run and you’re in the Actions beta. You may want to either create another commit (which should retrigger the workflow and cause the bot to respond when it receives the completed check), or restart the course if you’d like to try from scratch. 

FWIW I’m having the same issue happen to me. 


I looks as though everything ran fine for you.  When I check your repository I can see the runs were successful under the Actions tab in your repository 

I also ran through this course with an attempt at recreating this scenario and was not able to.  The Learning Lab bot responded as expected once the workflow was complete 

FWIW I’m having the same issue happen to me.mybkexperience survey

Can you please paste the link to the pull request you are experiencing this problem on.  I was unable to reproduce it on my own, but I may be able to help you troubleshoot.