Hello everyone 👋

Hi everyone!

It’s great seeing GitHub kicking off this projects. I’m a software developer specialized in mobile platforms. I’ve been doing open source work since I became a developer. For me is a great way to get to know people and give something back to the community, because we all benefit from it.

I’m looking forward to meeting people and talk to you about diverse topics related to open source software. You can follow me on Twitter, @pepibumur or check out my website where I write about all the things that I learn and projects that I work on.

PS: I’m seeking for new opportunities. If you need an iOS engineer with experience, drop me a line. I’ll be happy to chat with you


Cool. Welcome here :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t5:

Hello everyone! We are so happy to see the GitHub Community Forum members introducing themselves and connecting with one another.

We would like to ask that, moving forward, everyone please say “hello” via reply to the most recent Weekly Welcome post. In order to keep the Community Forum organized, and the Welcome board reserved for important announcements from the Community Forum Team, we are asking our users not to open new Topics just to say hello to the Community.

If you have a project that you want help with, you can ask via a Topic in the new Project Development Help and Advice board.

Thank you all so much for being here. We are happy to have you!