Hello everyone i need to explain my situation

i know i just a new member here, but i wold like to ask you if its notmal for everyone on github in the beginning of lerning process, to receive lot of informations because of some bizarre things in my computer.

i would like to know better respectly of you guys if i need to do something? i say that because i had problems with computer and data security since 2017. and its a terryfying situation, and here in brazil u need to understand because there is no legal defense for a variety of subjective things that a hacker can cause. like i mean, its very difficult to understand what are happening and if its true or not. like lthis liquid reality is dificult to explays for the people. thats the reason why i want study more code.

thankyou everyone and i hope to learn here and i apologize if i do something wrong

If you want to know if things that appear bizarre to you are normal you’ll need to describe the actual things. Otherwise it’s impossible to say if the look normal, questionable, or anything else. :wink:

hacking and viruses typically happens when you connect to a malicious site, plugging a USB that is not clean or any other external source although hacking can happen in legit sites like from a 3rd party service but that will be a very big issue and will affect many users

I had too much interest in cleaning those manually in the past, my coworkers would always ask me to fix their computers but I changed my approach now

I’ve been turning off antivirus and firewall and my computer is still healthy because I’m not letting my computer be exposed to those malicious external sources, if a certain legit website that I’m using will be hacked, then I’m not the only one, so it’s not an isolated case

so in your case, maybe you can simply reformat your computer to fix it