hello everyone, help with the error :)

hello everyone, help with the error :slight_smile:

sadly it’s not English,

is that project hosted on GitHub ? you can post it there and hopefully they will reply

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Whatever you entered as the password when pushing was incorrect. As the error message says you need to create a personal access token and use that when Git operations over HTTPS ask for your password. Your token needs the repo and workflow scopes (workflow only if you use Actions).

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You probably didn’t push/pull this repo for a while. Support for the type of authentication you are using was removed back in August. In addition to the link provided by @airtower-luna above, see this post for more details.

Checking in :wave:t3: @Pioneer955 - we’re one of the folks above able to help your resolve this error, if so, don’t forget to mark their reply as the solution :stars: