Having trouble getting collaboration invitation

Not getting e-mail notification of a collaboration invitation. Checked spam folder, owner has sent three requests and still I’m not getting the invitation. His account shows the pending invitation. Any ideas? In my e-mail settings, I’m set for “Receive all e-mails…” but still nothing.

Thanks, Paul G.

:wave: Welcome!

You may need to speak to your email server admin about why those emails aren’t reaching you. The email would have come from noreply@github.com.

In the meantime, if you navigate to the repository you’re invited to collaborate on, you should be able to accept the invitation there.

Checked with the company we have supporting our e-mail. They don’t have a white list or anything like that so I should be getting the e-mails. In fact, yesterday I got a message from GitHub (noreply@github.com) telling me that a GitHub application has been added to my account. So, if I’m getting that message, shouldn’t I get the other? And I’ve gone to Unixneo’s GitHub page and I don’t see the repository in question. He says it’s because I haven’t accepted the invitation yet.

You would need to get the actual repository link to see it. You won’t see it in a list - you’d need the correct repository link. You will be able to accept it there.

Got the link, accepted the invitation. Should I be able to see the repository on my page that I just accepted the invitation too? I see mine and one for outlookbackup but not this one. I can now click on the person I’m following and I now see the repository in question on his page so I guess it works. Thanks for your help.