Having issues with a API - how to solve

dear Community,

hello dear all; this is a slightly off-topic-question

whats the most appropiate way and method to import the dataset (and the map) of a healthsites.io-request to wordpress:

lets take for example the following request:

should we do this via


note: A Line layer consists of two different types of OSM features, Ways and Nodes. … sections of this plugin section according to their functionality (editing, identification, etc.).

BTW - can i export the data of healthsits only in CSV formate - that means: what if i only want to gather the POI

Then i can poulate the data in to a MySQL or PostGreSQL db

is this doable too!?

btw: i am also running https://healthsites.io/api/docs/#api-v2-facilities-list and I have an error 502.
Healthsites API Version 2 https://healthsites.io/api/docs/#api-v2-facilities-list

look forward to hear from you