Having an issue with MapTools program error code when launching

A friend of mine is struggling with the following error when he launches MapTools.

org.apache.logging.log4j.simple.simplelogger cannot be cast to org.apache.logging.log4j.core.logger

We’ve uninstalled Java from their system, rebooted and attempted a re-install without his AV. We checked folder size and file size , compared to my install (that is working), and it is the same. He accepted all allowed access prompts from Windows 10. Did the normal clear temps and such as well. Im kind of shooting blind on this error message, as normally I would guess a permission error with anything running jvm or java, but this message is not in ref to access rights it seems. Any suggestions of a work around or what in their environment could be triggering this ? I familiar with troubleshooting technical issues but am limited in my exp with jvm and its dependencies.

They are on Windows 10 Home , x64 , stand alone. Up to date on Windows updates, I can post build ect. PS: is there anywhere I could pull a more detailed error log , I would like to gather and post that if I can. Thank you for any advice /help you can give.

Hi @wind459, this sounds like this is referring to a problem with a product other than GitHub, is that correct? I’m unfamiliar with MapTools so any additional information you could provide would be helpful.