Have to enter user and password after Regenerating personal access token

I clicked on the “Regenerate your personal access token” in the mail I got.
Now I can’t use git without entering user and password.
I’m using https as recommended.

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When you regenerate a PAT the old version is invalidated. Probably something on your system has the old version cached/stored, and login using it fails now.

In that case you’ll need to update the cached token. How to do that depends on what’s using the token (software, OS, …).

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Thanks, but why don’t they send instructions together with the email asking for regenerating the token…
Eventually I used local cache for saving user and password. Not sure this is the best option.

That depends on your security requirements. In general I’d recommend storing the token only in encrypted form, e.g. in a password manager. Caching in memory is good for convenience, so you don’t have to copy from the encrypted storage for each and every remote operation.

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