Have the idea, need your advice, please!

Firstly, there are loads of posts here, so a real thank you for just looking & reading this far! Please stick with me, and I would really love to hear peoples’ thoughts on the content. My brother suggested I ask you good people for advice, and a handy direction to turn to.

The Background:

My work entails providing analysis on geopolitical events, mainly focusing on security related events. I’m a small part of an otherwise medium-sized business that helps companies set up/expand overseas, and they like to know whether there are terrorists running around the place, or otherwise crazies willing to blow things up etc. Amazingly in this day & age, in my job we do all our work manually (with exception to free-to-user RSS feeds). We use google etc to search out occurences in country X or region X and so on. We’ve no in-house automation/web-scrapers etc to gather that info for us while we get on with the job of putting context to events, and the company doesnt want to pay the subscription costs for all-in-one platforms like Horizon Intelligence/Oxford Analytica/RiskMap etc.

I want to start my own business providing a range of analytical reports. I have ZERO programming/coding skills, and my brain does not appear to be easily wired that way. When Bill Gates & co thought of putting in as much work into simplfying and streamlining their user interface, I was the sterotype he was thinkin of! My business idea is not groundbreaking, other companies like above have done it, but written analysis is something that I’m good at and I think as a business it will get off the ground…which brings us to the…

The Idea :

The analysis part I can do, and can train a team up in that area over time as well. But currently, a huge amount of time is spent manually searching sites for information, time which I am full sure of can be largely automated. My idea is for a program(s) to source online mainstream media articles and social media posts (twitter really) touching on security related events (think terrorism/counter-terrorism/explosions/attacks/etc). Soucing is one aspect, but ideally a name entity recongition program or some similar language processing ability to pull the relevant details out of such reporting would be helpful as well (e.g location, incident type - bomb/riot/shooting etc). 


The Question:

How off the wall crazy am I with the idea above? Is there a boot-strap series of programmes out there to use, that i just havent found in the corners of git-hub/the rest of the internet? What kind of costs are likely involved if this is really more of a bespoke request rather than simply using the right open source programmes? Is this all just pie-in the sky wishful thinking, or is it reasonably do-able? Im mindful ideas are cheap, so a bit of grounding by the community will help develop where my next steps should be. 

Ps, if any of you good folk are in Dublin Id be happy to chat in person as well.

I can only offer you a massive thanks for taking the time to get this far in!


Greetings, @arthurcampbellic , nice to see Dublin here)

Do you understand your final product? Is it something different from now?

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Thanks for the reply @cryptodonat,
The final product is a combination of reporting and analysis. The first is data and information driven (the part I’m not offay with that will presumably be scraping the web for news and social media reporting of events such as a bomb exploding). The second part is the analysis, putting context not only around events, but in providing added value such as strategic foresight. Together, they would allow a company or person to better manage the risks involved in their business, which could range from supply chains, through to company personnel visiting the area. The analysis side is taken care of, it’s the collections element (how best to collect and manage data) that I don’t have experience in.

Hope that might feed any thoughts, advice, or ideas you have.


Greetings, @arthurcampbellic 

It’s difficult for me to understand your customers, product, and average check

Think from the business/product side and what market/channel you approach your customers

What is interesting for me - is to see an example for your report, the time frame your clients usually ask and your forecast for the geopolitical situation in 10 and 25 years years

By the way, the articles are a great channel)