Have a wrong college associated to my GitHub Account

I have filled application for GitHub Campus Expert but my educational email is registered under the name of KJ Somaiya College of Engineering but my college is actually KJ Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology. Both the colleges are different but with a common trust (Somaiya trust) hence the common email extension.

One of the requirements of becoming Campus Expert is to get the Student Developer pack and I have got it using the wrong college name and I can’t edit it now.

Since only one Campus Expert is selected from one college, I am worried that my application might suffer because of this confusion.

Please let me know how do I resole this issue. I have already filled the GitHub ‘Contact Us’ form and I am awaiting reply but I also want to know if anyone else has faced a similar issue.
Thanks in advance!

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:wave: Welcome!

Apologies for the delay - I don’t know how I missed this one. Did you get this sorted?