Has Github been hacked?

We’re experiencing strange problems.

Every img tag on readme.md is displayed with a VERY STRANGE link (don’t click on it):
https:// camo . githubusercontent . com/af4f31a663087ee0d16b324767fac262f2e890455ecd2487fc564a9694fa41c5/68747470733a2f2f696d672e736869656c64732e696f2f6769746875622f6c6963656e73652f6b6f6b6172617265313231322f6c6962726573706f742d707974686f6e2e737667

please check my project at: GitHub - TheyKilledKenny/Emutool: Copy Emunand (switch) from and to SD hidden partition every image was changed with that link, so the image are not displayed.
But I found the same problem in other project and even on github images like the “fork”, “licence” and “star” image tags
Check this image: https://github.zendesk.com/attachments/token/HXUCOk3ocUvu4ZiBMXJp2ygFY/?name=github.jpg that refers to the /kokarare1212/librespot-python

the same from other computer and from other networks.

Any Idea?