Has github action somthing like travis_fold?

Hey :), 

in travis you can use something like a travis_fold https://gist.github.com/prisis/e050c4da44c6ee7fa1519912eac19563 to show steps inside the log.

Than there would be a way to build dynamic step text outputs.

Will something like this be supported in the future or is it support?

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There is ::group “command” which allows to hide boring parts of scripts. Can’t remember where i found this; it’s not in docs, so either it was used by someone else in their workflow, or inside ‘actions/toolkit’ repo.


- run: |
       echo Important stuff
       echo ::group::Boring stuff
       echo very
       echo boring
       echo stuff
       echo ::endgroup::
       echo Exciting stuff

will become

Important stuff
▶ Boring stuff
Exciting stuff

when checking workflow run under Actions tab, with “Boring stuff” clickable to expand group.

There are two minor issues with ::group i know of:

Not sure if first one is still valid, but second one i still can see in recent runs; easy to avoid.

- run: |
         echo ::group::Stuff
         ./name 2>&1
         echo ::endgroup::
  shell: bash