Hanging builds in matrix?

I am curious about why some builds within a job matrix hang. These jobs run on a matrix of operating systems, Python versions, and environments. They seem to hang nearly randomly without regard to OS, but more often with Python 3.8 and Windows. Although I have only been working with GitHub Actions for a few days, this seems to happen about half the time with 1 or 2 builds in the matrix each time the workflow job is run.

I am wondering if there is something I am doing incorrectly or something that I can adjust in order for the builds to run smoothly? 

I checked your workflow runs and forked your repo to my organization, I got the same result, some of the matrix jobs with python 3.8 hungs randomly. I have reported your issue to engineering team, I will keep you posted as quickly as possible. 

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Thanks! I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.


The spaghetti workflows are still failing randomly, but I have implemented a similar workflow in another of our repos (libpysal), which runs successfully without stalling out. In it we are testing Python {3.6,7,8} and Mac, Unbuntu, and Windows, though we are testing with fewer environments than in spaghetti.

libpysal’s unittests.yml

libpysal’s environments


libpysal builds now failing. See here.

@jgaboardi Thank you for your updates. The engineering team is still investigating this issue,  they still need some time to find the cause. Your patience and understanding will be appreciated. 

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No problem, and thanks!

This seems to have worked itself out now, though no clear solution was ever presented.