Handling GitHub webhook retry

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We’re planning to make use of GitHub Webhook for one of our use cases. One thing which is not clear to me is how the delivery failures are handled. For example:

  • If the delivery failed for an event (say the downstream server was down), does GitHub retry the delivery again? If yes, what’s the frequency and max limit of the retry? I couldn’t get any details on this while searching numerous articles.
  • If GitHub doesn’t retry, are there api’s i can use to get the list of failed deliveries and then use an api to redeliver? I tried looking for it, but the closet i came to was https://github.com/hooks/{hookId}/deliveries but that returns a “text/html” and not json for some weird reason. This is probably because it’s not an api per se.
  • Any other recommended way to get the failed deliveries and retry?



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There are no retries of failed webhook deliveries and no API for listing or retrieving failed webhook events. If you need 100% guaranteed reliability, then you’ll need to use polling or some other system to find the events that happened while your system was unresponsive.

@nitinkcv I’m one of the founders of API Tracker and this is one of the use case we solve for our customers. We let team set up a API proxy that forward to their webhook handler. You can enable auto retry, queue of failed calls, etc… with a click of a button

Sign up for a free account to give it a try or email me at trung@apitracker.com if you have any question

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This might be helpful! Webhook Deliveries API | GitHub Changelog

You can hit the deliveries endpoints for repos, orgs, and app events that have been delivered to your app.

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