Handle multiple small projects under one single project master

Our Usecase
In one of our project, we have additional small tools/applications which are also part of that project but the source code’s are completely different. So we cannot check-in all in same repo.
We also thought of creating separate folders inside repo for each small tool but when we do check-in or check-out(even the versioning), it will be on the repo level and not on folder.

We can’t create multiple project on git due to some organisational restriction.

What we are looking for?
What we need is a separate repo for each small tool/application which should be grouped to a project

Is it possible to create a folder inside an organization?

or Can we use branches managed separately for each small tool independently but we can’t merge to master.

This avery rare use case but it will be really helpful if you can provide your suggestion.

Well, I suppose it’s possible to create empty branches and then putting the small tools in there, yes.

You might want to protect the master branch to make sure nothing goes wrong there.

However, the best solution would be to just create a seperate repo called “tools” or something like that en then put all your tools in there - or even a seperate folder. But since that’s not possible for you branches are a good idea.