Handle files/folders non-commited to codespace repository

It would be useful if temporary files/folders which are created inside a codespace but are not pushed to the codespace’s repository, would show up in the explorer tab, this feature is available in Cloud9.

You can upload a file into the Codespace by drag-and-dropping it from your desktop into the file explorer tree. You can then download a file/folder by right-clicking it in the file explorer, and then selecting “Download”.

Let us know if you run into any issues with this capability, or if you have any feedback about the experience :+1:

Thanks, it works well.

The only requirement is that all files must be placed within the codespace’s repository folder; any file outside that folder does not appear in the explorer tree. I guess that is on purpose. I am currently using a single codespace for multiple repos but that is probably not a very popular use case.

FYI - You can use File > Open Folder… to open another location… or just go there in the terminal and type code . and that will open the location in a new window/tab.

Thanks for the info! I was wondering if handling several repositories in one codespace is out of scope, because each codespace should be always tied to only one repository. For me it would be useful because it would add the flexibility to work with an external repo that I may need for some quick hack while working on a project without creating an additional codespace.

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