Hacked account and Illegally published source code at github

After the account of my company got hacked, the hacker changed the password and published the source code of a company project illegally in git . I want to contact the support team of github, but I don’t know how. Can someone help me?

Hi @olha-la I’m sorry that’s happened to you.

Please open a ticket preferably using an email address/account that was previously associated with the account you are asking about.

Hi! If I open the page, I get the table with predefined answers but I am not able to contact the support directly. Because of the urgency can you please open the ticket for me?

Please select “account or billing issues” - that should bring you here.

We need as much information as possible so we can act on it - and that can’t happen publicly I’m afraid. Your ticket will go to a team who specialise in this.