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Hi, I noticed in GraphQL API we can get users’ details like isBountyHunter, isCampusExpert, isDeveloperProgramMember, isGitHubStar, but I can’t see these fields in REST API Doc.

Can anyone know how to fetch these details in REST API or it’s specific to only GraphQL?

GraphQL API - Objects - GitHub Docs
REST API - Users - GitHub Docs

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There is no equivalence between REST and and GRAPHQL API functionality although there is some common capabilities in both.
You are looking in the right place, I had a quick scan and did not see this data in the REST API either.


Yes, maybe they have not updated their REST API or REST documentation. Not sure what’s the case here.

Maybe it will be helpful for any Github member can look into it update the changelog.

There is nothing to update in the changelog if it does not exist.
If they come back and answer and say it does exist IN API then they will update the documentation. I think I recall mention that the documentation is generated, so chances are slim that the definitions are wrong/missing.

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Cool, btw is there any other way in REST API to get that data’s