GutHub Desktop Hangs on Push


I am using Github Desktop on Mac and it all works fine most of the time except that once a week or so, I push some changes and the Push just goes on forever and never ends, even overnight.

Restart the machine, and it just starts pushing again with the spinning wheel icon going around.

The hover message says Total 151 (Delta 57) reused 0 (Delta 0) pack-reused 0

Please don’t suggest using the Terminal or Console to do this stuff because I just don’t know what you will be talking about. I just want it to work in GitHub Desktop app, all the time, every time.

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how about directly using the site by drag-and-drop? you may simply drag the folders you want to upload on your GitHub repo


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Thanks, a simple solution, but not really practical. The desktop app tracks all your changes do takes care of which files in which folders need to be pushed etc. it’s the whole point of using it.

even if you drag and drop, it is still a commit,

GitHub Desktop will recognize that,

the command line is not so friendly, so they created GitHub Desktop, but GitHub Web is also tracking those changes,

I stop using GitHub Desktop for that very reason, when it can be done by GitHub Web,

if you want to be sure, make the changes in another existing branch or new branch and create a pull request,

Good to know. Thanks.

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Hey there,

I have the same issue with my Mac OS Github Desktop. Push goes on forever and swallows the cursor. Quit, reboot, nothing works. Have you solved this issue?



It seems to happen when pushing large numbers of files (like 100 +) or large files (50mb +).

When it happens, quit the desktop app and do the commits via the web browser and then restart the app.

This is how I get around it.

Desktop app is Ok for 90% if the time, but not 100%

I have lost the will to live with this.

My project is a website with a lot of auto-created pages and there are times when I want to update maybe 10,000 files at a time with a global search and replace, and also times when I want to upload core original files that are > 100mb using Photoshop and Illustrator

I often use 2 different PCs which is why I went down the GitHub route so that I could push/pull at will between the different machines. I’m not interested in branches, just an online synchronisation tool, and this isn’t it.

I am going to delete my GitHub account and simply go to something more simple like OneDrive or GoogleDrive.

I’m in the same situation here. Does this still work if i have multiple (17) commits that I haven’t pushed yet? I did a ton of re-foldering in those commits so how would I know exactly what to upload to the web, and how would it know the things I renamed or deleted?