Guidelines to pull requests reviewers

Is it possible to save at the repository a guideline to PR reviewers?
Code review is not a simple task, there are many details to pay attention and some kind of checklist may help the process.

Example: Suppose that development create a new function and the project has some naming rules to follow. Most the reviewers worried about the code logic and forget to analyze the function name. But, with review guideline, the reviewer will not forget the naming rules anymore!

Note that it is very helpfull when a new reviewer come to the project or in case of complex PRs where some littles basics details may be forgotten, as function names for example.

Two things come to mind:

  1. Set up a pull request template that includes a list of review tasks for reviewers to tick off, like this:
## Review tasks
[ ] Functions follow naming conventions
[ ] Code follows indentation conventions
  1. List the requirements in a CONTRIBUTING file, or possibly another documentation file specifically for reviewers. Not as direct, but reviewers can reference it as needed.

That said, I’d try to automate style checks as far as possible. People tend to “forget” annoying tasks. I know style is important, but checking formalities is also boring. Maybe you can set up a linter or a similar tool to automate that part?