Guidance required for React

Hi folks, hope you are doing well. Before proceeding, I’d like to tell you that I’m not a developer. But since I am working closely with my development team, I have started knowing a thing or two about the React Native program.

Now, there are a couple of things where we are stuck and want you guys to help us find out the possible reasons.

  1. We work on different kinds of issues - on both Android and iOS devices. However, when we get the final build, the issues seem to be fixed on just one platform while on the other it remains the same.
  2. Sometimes, we are able to figure out and fix certain issues. But on the final build, we experience another set of issues that we have already fixed on previous versions. And this is a very consistent issue for us.
  3. The same issues appear differently on different devices on the same platform. For example: on iPhone X and 11, the screen seems to be responding to the actions while on iPhones with Screen Size 5.5 inches (iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus), the screen goes blank or if it has the components loaded, it doesn’t respond. This is also a very common issue.
  4. On Android Phones, the number of bugs seems comparatively less and get easily fixed while for the iOS devices, the same issues remain for a long time and when we get it fixed, some other bugs on some other screens show up.