Growing a project into a community?

I’m looking for for meta-advice on how I can grow a project I think has some value to the development community.

The project’s homepage is (hosted from Github Pages). After it’s initial launch and blog post it picked up some traction but then seemed to just stop just under 240 stars.

The tool I’ve build allows the creation and development of any kind of environment that can be run within docker-compose by using the idea of Blueprints - that is a set of configuration and batteries-included apps that gets developers up and running in minutes with a backend + frontend skeleton application, database and server.

The default Blueprint essentially is a Node Hapi application with authentication and user endpoints provided, and a react app that provides a simple login with JWT support - and both of these are on the developers local machine and use docker volumes + hot reloading to give developers and rapid development environment.

I’d love to get this in front of more developers and not only get feedback, but encourage others to provide different stacks with the same idea of the default blueprint app - I’m thinking backends in Go/Rust/Ruby, etc and frontends with Vue or Angular, or even Vanilla JS (eventually I’d like end users to be able to pick and choose frontend + backend options, but that’s something for 2018).

Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am interested to get more insight on this topic too.

I have been involved with FrintJS project for some time, and feel it can really provide good structure around front-end applications:

But making it known to more developers have been a challenge.

I too am struggling at the same thing with

I don’t think any one answer will get you in front of “all the users!”

I just keep at it, and try to make connections to interested people day in and day out.