Great answer? Acknowledge it as a solution!

Great answer? Acknowledge it as a solution!

If you come across a great answer, there are two ways that you can help our community.

For creators

If you created the topic and someone posts an awesome answer, please acknowledge it by accepting it as a solution. This helps recognize the community member who’ve answered it and highlight it to other users who want to learn more.


For the wider community

If you come across a topic with an accepted solution and it helps you in any way, help us by liking the solution to acknowledge the author and completing the survey with a “Yes”:

If the answer doesn’t help, here are some suggested next steps depending on what you need help with.

If the solution offers instructions for accomplishing a task or documentation but it didn’t work for your case, you’re welcome to tell us more in the survey by selecting “No” and choosing the relevant option. From there, we suggest creating a new topic for your case explaining your particular situation and referencing the original topic.

Because that topic already has a solution, this separation helps other folks with the appropriate context to best help you with your case and could lead to the solution you’re looking for!

On the other hand, if the solution is actually a feature request or product feedback, please tell us more in the survey by selecting “No” and sharing your specific use case. We use this data to better understand the discussions in our community and create resources that best help our members: