grbl cnc diy

Hi every one, sorry for bothering you guys, I build my first DIY cnc using grbl on arduino and cnc shield and later on I bought three tb6560 stepper driver
I used three Nema 23 3 A stepper motor and two atx pc supply in series to get 24 volts.
For time it’s all good with even A4988, the machine move accurately.
Then I upgrade x axis with DRV8825 and it’s worked.
When I get tb6560 in first they worked, but then nothing worked at all, some time I get hard time to upload grbl on arduino and hex files and error on coms port, and sound like sucking pipe on power supply when try to move one axis, the machine look it’s move on UGS. But nothing in real move not even hmmm on stepper.
Firstly I suspect the stepper, but I read their resistance it’s all good, rotate the motor handly and I get some power on multimeter, and even tried to rapidly touch the power supply with tocouple wiring and all motor viprate as they start to work, on cnc shield nothing move, on tb6560 nothing move two , and then realized the run led on tb6560 didnot blink as first, and by multimeter the power on tb6560 is 24 volts and when I try to move the motor on UGS e, g x axis it’s moved on UGS but no run led blinking and on motor wiring on the driver I read only 2,2 volts and sound on power supply, and no blinking on the run led as there is no step signal, I wire arduino by 2 steps, 5 direction, 8 enable, and Gnd, for x axis.
The stepper vibrate when I touch the power supply terminal rapidly but there is no move on grbl 1,1