Grbl and pi3 help needed


I’m after a bit of help, after frying my old laptop in the workshop, I’ve been looking for a new way to control my home built cnc machine,

I currently run an Arduino Uno to control 3 tb6560 stepper drivers. The uno is running Grbl 1.1 and I’ve been using ugs for about 2 years now and would prefer to stick with this platform as it’s good for what I need.

I saw a YouTube video from makes Tyler Winegarner Raspberry Pi CNC Controller and I think it would be perfect as I only have a small shop and don’t really want to have all the dust in my laptop. I thought I knew a bit about the basic pi system, obviously not. I’m wanting to use the touch screen to start either the UGS platform or classic from the pi desktop via a shortcut, I’ve searched all the forums but any shortcut I create won’t open UGS.

I really hope someone with more knowledge than me can help me here