Grayed out entries in the dependency graph


Recently I’ve been exploring the “Dependency graph” feature.

I think it’s really cool and helpful feature, but I have 2 remarks/questions about it which I was unable to resolve/find answers for anywhere on the Internet… One short, and one longer.

It seems that the page: is outdated, because it contains a note: “Note: The Dependents graph only contains data for Ruby gems and doesn’t include data for other languages or Git submodules.”. I can clearly see the dependency graph working for Python projects as well. Is it not supposed to work for Python, actually?

Some of the dependencies in the dependency graph are properly linked to their respective repositories, while some others are not linked. Those not linked ones appear kinda grayed out, and have a generic icon. (specifically, this one:  44856105-373eb980-ac32-11e8-816a-a17dc6bbff67 )

For example, even though my repositories are listed properly as dependents of a given project: when I go to list packages that depend on the very same project: I see all of my packages and few others as grayed out.

Also, as far as dependencies are concerned, for all of my projects (as far as I checked, at least), in the dependency graph, if a given dependency is my other project it is also grayed out. It also happens for few other projects. However, I can still explore the sub-dependency graph for those grayed out dependencies in some cases. E.g.

As a project owner, is there any way for me to fix that? I’d like my projects to be properly attributed and linked to their repos in the dependecy graph.


Hi @mbdevpl,

Thanks for reporting that piece of documentation as outdated. I think that you’re correct and I will submit that change to our documentation team.

As for the greyed out icons, it looks like the greyed out entried under the Packages tab relate to how these packages have their homepage set at where we pull this information from. If they have set their homepage to be the GitHub repository, it pull the repository information and links it. If they have set anything that’s not the GitHub repository, it greys out the link and displays the ghost icon.

For the packages that you own which are greyed out, does the above explanation hold true?




For me, this explanation does not hold true. You can have a look here:

See the “pyngrok” dependency is greyed out, which is on PyPI here:

The PyPI repo points to the GitHub repo as its home page:

Am I missing something in my


Hi @alexdlaird!

I had our engineering team look into your specific situation and they’ve been working on fixing this problem globally. While that’s still in progress, I wanted to let you know that the pyngrok dependency has been correctly linked now.

Hope that helps!

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