GraphQL query to see what repos a file exists in; on any branch


I’m trying to figure out if an integration is enabled for a certain repository. This I can determine if a file is placed in the repo, just like the .github folder for Github Actions.

I made the following GraphQL query which is able to tell me that for the main branch. But I’d like to see if someone is enabling the integration on a branch, and not on main.

  viewer {
    repositories(first: 100, orderBy: {field: UPDATED_AT, direction: DESC}) {
      nodes {
        object(expression: "main:.gimlet/") {
          ... on Tree {
            entries {

The object expression supposed to follow the git rev-parse syntax where the branch is optional. So instead of writing main:.gimlet/ I could just ask for :.gimlet/ and it returns the right revisions.

GraphQL doesn’t seem to support this rev-parse feature.

Anyone has an idea if it is possible what I want, or if I’m doing something wrong?

Best regards,