GraphQL not identifying renamed repos, not providing redirection context

I’m trying to convert some of our REST api calls over to GraphQL calls, but I am seeing some discrepancies in how GraphQL handles, or doesnt handle redirection.  With the older REST APIs when I would issue a request for Pull Request details given the older repo name I would get a 301 status indicating that the repo had been relocated and I could then reissue the request to the new location or using the new repo name.  However, with the GraphQL APIs, I get a 200 status and the only error details I get are that the repository is not found.

Original Repo:

Renamed Repo:

Was this a conscious decision, something that hasn’t been ported over or a miss in the information provided in the GraphQL response.  Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @sdlf2b,

My apologies for the delay, I’ve just noticed I’ve replied on a different thread :facepalm: If this request is for an enterprise instance we would need you to please contact us at with the info so we can look into that further. Otherwise, the below steps should resolve your issue!

For the GraphQL API v4 for, fetching a repository’s previous name will resolve to the new name automatically.

For example, will redirect to

Fetching gojuno/mainframer in the GraphQL Explorer will resolve to the updated name:

repository(owner:"gojuno",name:"mainframer") {
nameWithOwner }