GraphQL differences between and a github enterprise version

I’m new to GraphQL so I’ve used the Github GraphQL API explorer to create the following which lists all the repos I have access to and whether the repo has a file. If the Blob returns Null then the file does not exist and if it returns a bytesize then the file exists.

  viewer {
    repositories(first: 100, 
                        affiliations: [OWNER, COLLABORATOR,  
             ownerAffiliations: [OWNER, COLLABORATOR,  
                                ORGANIZATION_MEMBER]) {
       pageInfo {                                      
       nodes {                                        
         owner {                                       
         ... on Repository {                           
           object(expression: ""){
             ... on Blob {byteSize}                    

This works fine in explorer but when I try it on our Enterprise version of Github I receive the following:

{"errors":[{"message":"Something went wrong while executing your query. Please include `b077f59c-ceda-4c02-9a57-682f04fed509` when
reporting this issue."}]}

Our Enterprise Github is at 3.2.6

Note I tracked it down to the “… on Repository” section of the code. If it is removed then GraphQL runs fine.

I assume the version has fixed this issue.

Would upgrading to Enterprise Github 3.3.1 fix my problem ?

Thanks in advance, Gary

Hold the presses. This may not be a problem with Github vs Github Enterprise .

It seems I have a corrupt repository on our GitHub Enterrprise server. When I attempt to go to the repo I get a “500” server error. Which I think is causing my “Something went wrong” error.

I changed the “start:100” to “start:10” and it retrieved 20 repos before failing. I’m guessing the corrupt repo is in the list 30 -39.

Will close this topic.